There are many ways for you to support our community. Your support allows us to continue offering educational, religious, social outreach, and social programs for all ages. Your gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion, honor a loved one's memory, or support specific programs. We are grateful for all contributions, and appreciate those who make our work possible.

For more information about any of the opportunities listed below, or to discuss other opportunities, please call the office at 410-266-6006, or email us.

Donate via PayPal or credit card

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Other ways to give

Oneg sponsorships allow congregants a chance to socialize and enjoy the Shabbat spirit before heading home on Shabbat mornings. A portion of these donations also goes to the Anne Arundel County Food Bank and the Anne Arundel Community College Food Pantry.  

You can submit your Oneg sponsorship form online or print it and mail it. After completing the online form, your Oneg donation can be made online using Paypal (a credit card may be used). Please add a note when making your donation to indicate that it is for an Oneg sponsorship.

The Rabbi’s discretionary fund provides an opportunity to make donations directed to the Rabbi, which are then used at his discretion. 

The Noah's Ark fund helps to pay for DRRS tuition for students with learning or social difficulties. It can also be used for teacher training on communicating and working with students who have specific needs. This scholarship was started by Noah Frankel, a former DRRS student who wanted to ensure that no child should feel alone and different.

The Preschool discretionary fund makes funds available quickly to projects, experiences, upgrades, and improvements directly related to our students. This fund has helped to underwrite visits by Auntie “A” with her Rhythm N Ruach program (monthly), create additional improvements to our play spaces, and offer additional preschool days or hours to military families when a parent has been deployed, as well as many other smaller gifts offered quickly and quietly. These funds ensure that the goodwill coming from our school always allows us to serve our children and their families when in need. 

Rabbi Pohl's scholarship fund: Rabbi Philip Pohl was a primary advocate for creating the Tree of Life Preschool – a nature preschool - at Congregation Kol Shalom. This fund was begun by a childhood friend in honor of R’ Pohl’s love of teaching and learning. It quietly helps families in crisis by making anonymous donations to cover their child’s tuition for a month or two. It has also offered military families additional time at the preschool while a family member is deployed. We believe that assisting families by reducing their stress and worry about their child’s well-being is a gift beyond measure.

Memorial plaques provide a sense of closeness to your loved one during Yizkor services or the observance of their Yahrtzeit anniversary.

Simcha leaves commemorate special events, and are displayed on the Simcha Tree which displays prominently in our sanctuary.

The Torah fund is used to maintain and repair the Torahs used by our congregation. In some cases, the fund may be used to purchase a used or new Torah when necessary.