Adult education

Class schedule

All classes are via Zoom unless otherwise noted. For Zoom links, see the Shofar newsletter, or contact the office.

Talmud study: Mondays, 10:30 am 

In this class we read and review the traditional Hebrew/Aramaic Talmudic text and its English translation plus commentary as provided by the ArtScroll edition of the Talmud. Each class session is facilitated by the Rabbi and usually lasts about 60 minutes.

Siddur class: Tuesdays, 10:30 am 

The publication of the siddur (prayer book) titled "Lev Shalem - A Whole Heart” provides, for the first time from the Conservative movement of Judaism, a siddur with commentary that is accessible to the Jewish worshipper while attending a service. Orthodox Jewish worshippers have, for decades, benefited from a siddur with commentary known as “The Complete ArtScroll Siddur.”  

This continuing course compares prayers and their accompanying commentaries as they are presented in each of these respective siddurim. Class participants are able to engage in discussions of the the different theological and literary approaches each siddur uses to guide the worshipper. While in class, participants are asked to read the texts and commentaries closely while providing their own reactions and comments.

Zentangle meditative art class: Wednesdays, 10 am

No art background needed or required. Please have the following items available: several sheets of copy paper, a no.2 sharpened pencil, a black pen with a fine tip and good ink flow, a Q-tip, and scissors (to cut out your drawing paper). 

Mussar (Jewish ethics): Wednesdays (typically the last Wednesday of the month), 6 pm, in person only. 

A monthly gathering for Jewish learning, reflection and personal growth. Mussar is the spiritual practice dedicated to spiritual growth and heightened awareness. Our primary text is ‘Everyday Holiness’ by Alan Morinis, the founder of the Mussar Institute. In each class we focus on middot (character traits) like humility, compassion and gratitude, to deepen our understanding of ourselves and to live our best lives.

Torah and Tabloids: Thursdays, 9:40 am following the shacharit service

In this class we present issues and ask questions that are derived from the weekly Torah portion. The participants then engage in an open discussion of these issues and questions which is moderated by the Rabbi. Most often the Rabbi will bring in an article or text for more focused study of some aspect of the Torah portion. This class lasts about 90 minutes.