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Kol Shalom Story

Many decades ago Conservative Judaism was described by the slogan “Tradition and Change.” This teaches that we are best understood as a Jewish community that strives to live with the tension between our strong commitment to tradition and a realistic assessment of the need for change. Our struggle with this tension often elicits our most unique and creative contributions to the panorama of Jewish life.


Perhaps the most important aspect of Conservative Judaism is that we welcome the advances of modern scholarship in all educational fields and disciplines. We believe in Torat Emet – that the Torah remains true and valid for us not despite, but often because of, what we learn from science, psychology and archaeology. We see the Torah not as a fence that isolates us from the rest of the world, but rather as a gateway to help us view the rest of what we learn about the world more clearly and with a specific religious focus.

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When you enter Kol Shalom you will immediately become aware of our bias for tradition from the structure of our facility and the content of our worship. Our beautiful, intimate sanctuary invites you to easily participate as a “dovenner.” You are never far from those leading the service and yet, there is ample opportunity to just sit, pray and meditate without interruption. It is possible to frequently alternate from experiencing the individual privacy of G-d’s inner presence and the more public connection of communal worship.

We are committed to praying mostly in Hebrew, the universal language of our people, and yet we look to provide greater access to many texts through transliteration into English. We are a thoroughly egalitarian synagogue where both women and men consistently lead us in our worship services. At Kol Shalom all voices are welcome and are heard. We welcome your voice and hope you will join us in our songs and prayers.


-Rabbi Josh Wohl

Kol Shalom is an egalitarian conservative synagogue that is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Rabbi Josh Wohl is a member of The Rabbinical Assembly – the organization for all rabbis formally affiliated with the Conservative Movement of Judaism. Through both its lay constituency and Rabbinic leadership, Kol Shalom is proudly and purposely aligned with Conservative Judaism.