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2014 Rosh Hashanah – Second Day

Over the last several years it has been my privilege to teach a combined sixth-seventh grade Hebrew school class on Sunday mornings here at the synagogue. Because of previous space limitations the students have met with me in my synagogue office. Very soon, my office will expand and there will be more room for the students who visit me for study. Often we squeeze in a few extra chairs because lately the combined sixth – seventh grade class has totaled approximately 8 students. For DRRS, that is actually a large class.

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March/April 2015

The excitement at DRRS is palpable as we get ready to move into our beautiful new school. We have a wonderful library and beautiful, large classrooms and of course the much awaited Tree of Life Preschool. Wow, it is truly a dream come true!

To celebrate this momentous event we hope that you will join us for the dedication weekend beginning on Shabbat evening March 13, and culminating on Sunday, March 15, with the ceremony and brunch. We have exciting discussions and activities for everyone.

Then as if that was not enough, the following Sunday, March 22, is our first ever Passover University. Discussions, creations, movement, meditations, and a host of other activities along with breakfast, will make this day amazing. We are very excited about the amazing participation for this event from our parents, teachers, congregants, and friends of Kol Shalom. Please show your support for DRRS and Kol shalom by joining us at this important event.

As always, if you know of any family who might like some information about DRRS, please have them contact our Education Director, Sue Westenburger, for more information.

We wish every family a Happy Pesach…hag Sameach!!…

January/February 2015

As we end 2014, DRRS has many exciting things to look back upon. One of our first adventures in this school year was our hike to the creek for Tashlich. As usual, Rabbi’s shofar sounds rang in the cove and inspired us as we tossed our sins into the water.

Next, we decorated a beautiful Succah and celebrated with all our families in the sanctuary for dinner. We followed Succot with our annual Kabbalat Siddur Service where our 3rd graders and students new to DRRS received their siddurim. It was a beautiful service where the parents of the recipients introduced us to their children.

Next was our wonderful family bowling Chanukah Party. Over 60 children, parents and teachers ate, bowled and had a great Chanukkah celebration.

And finally we ended December with a wonderful trip to the Lighthouse Shelter, where our 4-7th grade students, older siblings, parents, teachers, and Rabbi Pohl participated in making lunches for the homeless in our area.

You can see what an amazing place DRRS is…just think what we can accomplish when we have our own building…..stay tuned!!

Happy New Year to all our families and friends. If you know of any family who may be interested in DRRS or Tree of Life Preschool, please have them contact our Preschool Director, Allison Charapp, for more information.…

March/April 2015

In just a few days, we will celebrate the completion of our synagogue school wing expansion. O that day will merry, merry be!! So many of us have worked hard and all of us have been quite inconvenienced over the last many months. But with the fruit of our labors visible before us, it now seems so worthwhile.

The truth is, only time will tell. While the building is finished, the growth has yet to begin. And by growth, I mean not only growth in numbers. While, of course, we expect more Jews to take advantage of our additional space and new beautiful classrooms, we will also need to grow in program offerings and in the depth of content we will provide to the Jewish community we look to serve.

I’m glad to announce that some of this growth has already begun. Congregation Kol Shalom is pleased to announce that Allison Charapp, one of our veteran DRRS teachers, has become the director of the soon to open “Tree of Life Preschool at Kol Shalom.” We wish her much success and look forward to our synagogue becoming populated with boys and girls ready to receive a Jewish education at the earliest age possible.…

January/February 2015

Max Pohl, my beloved father, passed away at age 92 on November 21, 2014 and his funeral was held on November 24, 2014. I remained in Florida for shiva so as to be with my mother and sister during these initial days of mourning. Since I have returned home and especially during the remainder of shloshim (the first month of mourning), the support and comfort offered by Congregation Kol Shalom has been most welcome and gratifying. Thank you for the messages, contributions and the attendance at the weekday minyanim added to our schedule so I and others could recite Mourners’ Kaddish regularly.

Now that the shiva and shloshim periods of mourning have passed, I remain an “avayl-mourner,” technically until a year (on the Hebrew calendar) has passed. This status of mourning for a parent extends beyond the limited 30-day period when mourning a sibling, spouse or even a child. My theory to explain this difference is that while it is possible to have more than one sibling, spouse or child, it is impossible (biologically) to have more than one father, or mother.

So, my one and only father has passed on, but has not really passed away. Let me explain, as I did on the first night I worshipped at Kol Shalom after returning from Florida.…

March/April 2015

Our expansion project is a thing of reality. As this edition of the Shofar comes out, we are waiting to receive our Use & Occupancy permit. Our dedication ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 15 at 11:00 AM and I hope to see many of you at the synagogue for the festivities. We are honored that U.S. Senator Ben Cardin will speak at the ceremony and that State Senator John Astle will also attend.

The completion of the expansion project is especially exciting and gratifying to me as we were able to accomplish this feat with the help and generosity of many members of our congregation and friends of our congregation. At the ceremony, we will be able to meet the new director of our Tree of Life Preschool, Allison Charapp, who is looking forward to the challenge of leading this new preschool. Many kudos go out to the Educational Director of the Daniel Rothman Religious School, Sue Westenburger, who has made sure that the educational needs of our DRRS students have been met during this challenging school year. The students and faculty of DRRS are looking forward to being back in the Religious School wing of the building. Many thanks to Geveret Sue, Rabbi Pohl, our teachers, our students and their parents for enduring the many issues that they faced during construction.…

January/February 2015

We have just entered the secular New Year, 2015, and this will be a very busy beginning of the year for Kol Shalom. We hope to have our expansion/renovation project finished by the end of January. We are planning a dedication of the new wing of our building on Sunday, March 15 at 10:30 AM. Please save the date so that you can attend this momentous event in the history of our Congregation. I would still hope that those who have not contributed to the Building For The Future campaign will make a contribution to this very worthwhile endeavor. Our Tree of Life Preschool at Kol Shalom has been chosen to be the 5th nature-based preschool in the state of Maryland. This is an honor for our new preschool and Congregation and we trust that our nature-based curriculum will help to enhance the educational experience of the preschoolers who will be attending the school.

On Sunday, February 1, the Men’s Club will be hosting its annual Super Bowl Party. Thanks to Les Pisarz for providing a 10′ screen to enhance our viewing pleasure of the football game.

We, of course, will be enjoying the Rabbi’s adult education classes held at various times each week as well as numerous Women’s League/Sisterhood events which take place during the year.…